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independent artists.


Music is more than just sound. It’s sacrifice, constantly being misunderstood, patience, blood, sweat and a whole lot of melodies. We support the go-getters and the creatives. The ones who trade valuable time for their passion. The ones who capture emotion and stories through frequencies, and the ones who forge their own versions of art.

Our platform is for the go-getters. The game changers. A platform for artists. By Artists. Our mission is simple. To provide hand-selected talent of all ages the ability to distribute their music for free.

A Truly Premier Service

As an invite-only platform, we hand select only the very best of talent, ensuring every artist has a place for all of their distribution needs. In addition to distribution, artists receive a personal service that distributors with tens of thousands of artists simply cannot match.




What artist’s are saying 🔥



This distributor rocks! The layout is simple and easy to use. Karan and his team are always responding to my questions. If you’re scared of distribution, don’t be. Avora makes it easy to create and manage your release.


Big up Avora. Thank you for allowing independent artists to live our their dreams and passions


I’ve Found Avora To Be Incredible so far!



As an Avora artist, you gain access to some cool features. Here are a few:


Music Distribution

Distribute your music for free to major digital stores like Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, TIDAL, Google Play, Deezer, Amazon music, YouTube Content I.D, Shazam, and many more!

World Class support

As an invite-only service, we ensure you don’t just feel like a number amongst hundreds of other artists, which is why we aim to respond to your support queries within a few hours during business hours.

Spotify Playlist promotion

We work with several large playlist owners exclusively. Meaning our artists are guaranteed to have their music heard and considered to be added to a playlist. We also only invite artists who we feel can definitely get placed on our partner playlists.

Cover Song Licensing

We partnered up with Easy Song Licensing to allow our clients to easily license and distribute their cover songs legally without any hassle. Click here to find out more.


Contact: Support@avoranow.com