Instrumental licensing

Remarkable musicians deserve remarkable sound. Avora launched Avora Sound (AVS) in June 2019 as its beat/instrumental licensing platform for its artists and for the public.

The Perfect Team

When launching AVS, we knew we wanted some of the best up & coming Hip-Hop producers working alongside us on this project, which led us to team up with six producers who create beats for our clientele. Our producers have worked for the likes of Rick Ross, Ace Hood, Curren$y, Dom Kennedy, Cyph, and many more.

We also understand the importance of copyright clearance and the hassle of contacting various producers for licenses and permission, which is why Avora acquires the rights to all beats made for our clients, so you always have one source of contact for any of your beat licensing needs. As an exclusive member of Avora, all production by our producers are free for you to use and distribute commercially on our platform.