How To Not Complicate Music Marketing For Artists

As an artist, the term “music marketing” is often thrown around as if to almost confuse you. Marketers (including our page) show you a ton of ways to grow, which leaves you with a “paradox of choice”. In fact, there’s a book called “The Paradox Of Choice” that argues that eliminating consumer choices (in this case your own choices), it provides less pressure and allows for more growth. By taking this route, here’s a simple way you can begin growing your audience base for free, and simply.

Tip One: Identify A Goal

We see a lot of artists these days throwing around goals like “wanting to get a grammy” or “make racks” as soon as possible. Although these are perfectly okay “long-term goals”, you need to get in the mindset of breaking goals down.

Don’t ever think of a goal is a final destination, but as a door to the next level. This doesn’t need to be in terms of money, but in personal development and overall craft development. Here are a list of goals you can create as an example:

  • Gaining 100-400 new followers in the next month.

  • Gaining 100-1000 extra streams in the next few months.

  • Getting my song on “x” amount of blogs or playlists by next month.

  • Growing my email list by 100

  • Selling 5 pieces of merchandise

  • Collaborating with 2 artists this quarter.

  • Updating my social media content quality

Tip Two: Start With A Strategy That’s Easy For You

As mentioned in the introduction of this article, there are SO many ways that you can grow your audience base, but it doesn’t mean you have to utilise ALL of them. If you take a look at some of the greatest artists today, they stuck to a few disciplines and repeated them over and over and over.

What this means is, if you’d rather stick to growing your audience on Instagram because it’s free and you’re always using it, do just that to begin with. Don’t jump into growing on Instagram then suddenly trying your luck at paid advertising. Even good business leaders will tell you, get some of your marketing/sales strategies right, and then work outwards.

Note: Avora grew from 0-280 invite-only artists by repeating a simple discipline each day: Contacting 20 artists per day via email. Cold emails worked, and so we stuck to it and repeated. After this became a way we mastered, we starting growing our Instagram page and got sales leads from there, too. Start with what works, then go outward. You cannot be a master at everything all at once (unless you have an entire team).

Tip Three: Set A Goal End Date/Timeframe

Goals should always have a timeframe. I mean, if you want to take your career seriously, you can’t just say “Aye I’m going to put out a few songs this summer”, and then throw them all out at random times without building any leverage.

Using Avora as an example once again; we create monthly and quarterly goals to reach. Our monthly goals are smaller chunks, for example: Create daily content, create 2-3 pieces of Gold member content, send out email newsletters to clients and so on. These are easily achievable, and also grow our brand as the months go on. What artists forget is that the entire game of success is a marathon. If you want to achieve big, you have to hit the small goals each month in order to see those results.

When setting a timeframe for your goal, you have to be realistic. As mentioned above, getting that “Grammy” is a great goal, but without a goal date, it’s just a wish. A good path to follow is this: Create an easily achievable goal for the next month - Say….. “Reach 50 new followers”. The idea here is to start creating mini goals that contributes to our success. It may seem insignificantly small, but that’s the point when you’re starting out.

Tip Four: Create The Routine

The key difference between an artist we see that “wants success” versus the ones “find success” is disciplined repeated action. In our last article, “3 Tips for building a strong mindset”, we explained the importance of discipline. If you lack it, success can never find you.

A routine is a set of disciplines repeated daily, that’s all. You don’t have to overcomplicate it by studying all there is to know about marketing. All you need to do is focus on a strategy you picked above, and make time for it every single day.

For example, if your goal was to gain 50 new followers in a month - Your daily goal should be:

  • To engage with and network with 30-50 people per day for 30 days. (1 hour/day)

Simply when you break it down, right? Break things down for all of your goals, and stick to acomplishing 2-3 goals max at any one period of time.

Tip Five: Measure Your Results, Adjust & Repeat.

A plan without measurement is sure to fail. And once again, this doesn’t have to be complicated either!

If you’re not measuring your progress, you won’t know what to compare any results to. So learn this early and know when it’s time to adjust, or make new goals and repeat.

Taking our Instagram example again:

If you met your goal of reaching 50 new followers in 30 days, then it’s simply time to adjust your goals and set a new goal date along with another goal (gain another 50 followers or maybe even 100 this time).

If you do not meet your goal, then it’s time to adjust your strategy: Meaning, if you were engaging with and networking with 30-50 people per day, you have to adjust WHO you’re engaging/networking with. Are you targeting multiple hashtags to engage with people or just engaging with anyone randomly? - For this example, you can try networking with people who are using hashtags that align with your brand. For example, if you create positive music, you can target people in the hashtags #positivity, #goodvibes or #feelgoodfriday. Then simply adjust your goal date and try again.

Music marketing is all about “A/B” testing = Essentially, trying a bunch of ways to perform a strategy to find out which works best for you.

We hope you enjoyed this post Avora Family! If you found value in this, please be sure to share it with your friends (especially artist friends!)