How Avora Now Is Building An In-House Beat-Selling Empire With The Help Of Six Producers

As a distribution company, it’s incredibly tough to differentiate the core service a whole lot. At the time of writing this, there are tens, perhaps even hundreds of music distribution platforms that offer their own spin on their products.

Coming into the scene with absolutely no track record to justify why a single artist should even trust us became our primary dilemma. How could a no-name brand go from having no artists on its platform to generating interest and then introducing new products?

It took time, a whole lot of time in fact. To date, we have over 265 artists using our platform to distribute their music worldwide. We’ve allowed our artists to sell over 300 singles and albums and we couldn’t be happier. However, the same issue always seemed to surface. What is so special about yet another distribution service?

Enter Avora Sound

We wanted to do something no other distribution platform had come up with at all. A service that didn’t require us to partner elsewhere and give power to another brand. We wanted something in-house, Avora owned along with the ethos we’ve always worked to promote, fairness and quality.

“Avora Sound” is a brand owned and operated by Avora Now, and is a beat/instrumental licenses service. In order to pull off something of this magnitude, we had to employ the expertise of a select few producers who saw our vision and wanted to build something great with us for thousands of musicians. We found them. The “Avengers” of production as we enjoy referring to them as.

John G Beat, Veggi Beats, Semanic, YoPapi, 408 Beats & ZayZayBeats. All of whom took a chance to help us develop a platform for artists, by artists.

As of writing this article, the Avora Sound catalogue currently stands at just under 20 tracks. And, as mentioned above, they are owned by Avora, meaning no third-party or troublesome legal worries to deal with, simply one source of contact. But why Avora and not another beat seller?


  • For our clients, they get a lifetime 95% discount across all the instrumentals/beats we make public on the Avora Sound Instagram page.

  • Two distinct license types that allow you to earn 100% of the royalties from music streaming sites an artist sells their music on.

  • A brand created by Avora Now - A brand that has built trust and a solid name in the music marketing community on Instagram. Not to mention the 150,000+ artists reached per week through our educational content.

  • Quality: Some of our producer credits include Rick Ross, Ace Hood, Curren$y, Dom Kennedy, Cyph and many more. So we understand how vital quality is.

  • Affordability. When pricing our licenses, we wanted to create a pricing structure that encompassed the value of our beats along with a price artists could afford (see pricing below).

  • Fully Cleared: With AvoraSound, you’ll never have to wonder if a sample we use is cleared for copyright ownership. Our producers make everything in-house. If a sample is ever used, you can be sure that it’s entirely royalty free and perfectly okay for you to use.


You’re probably thinking, if we work with producers that have made music for Rick Ross, Ace Hood and Co., that our prices would be sky high, right? Think again. This is our pricing for Avora Sound Instrumentals/Beats.

500K License: $32.99


  • Gain up to 500,000 digital streams across various digital stores FOR profit.

  • Perform 10 paid live performances

  • Perform unlimited non-profit live performances

  • Unlimited free downloads

  • Gain up to 500,000 video views on a music video for the song

Unlimited License: $72.99


  • Gain unlimited streams across all digital streaming platforms for profit (yes unlimited profit).

  • Unlimited views on a music video for the song.

  • Up to 100 paid performances

  • Perform unlimited non-profit live performances

Where to buy?

Anyone can buy our beats from our beat store over at Likewise, you can follow us on Instagram to be notified of our latest beats!