Free Music Release Strategy For 2019

Creating an organized release strategy can be the difference between your song reaching a wider audience or not many people at all. We’ve put together a simple music release strategy for you to follow for your upcoming singles and albums! We hope you find this valuable. :)

  1. Set A Release Date 2-3 Weeks Ahead Of Time

    When releasing a new song, we advise that you set a date of at least 2-3 weeks ahead of time to ensure you get the most of out of your marketing reach. 2-3 weeks gives you enough time to prepare promotional material for your song, send your song to blogs and promotional channels, as well as define what you plan to do post-release, which we explain more of below. A later release date also allows you to utilizie Instagram to network and build exposure before-hand. See our article on how to grow your brand on Instagram for help on this!

  2. Send Your Songs To Blogs

    The key to music success is both having great quality music as well as good exposure. A simple and FREE way to gain exposure is by sending your music to blogs, Spotify playlists, YouTube promotional channels and SoundCloud promotional channels, to name a few. This is where the “hard work” comes into play. You’ve made the music, now how do you get infront of blogs and promotional channels?

    We suggest a platform called “” - Submit hub connects music artists with music blogs, Spotify Playlists, YouTube and SoundCloud promotional channels. Upon signing up you get 2 free credits (one credit is needed to submit to each promotional channel). You can buy extra premium credits which we recommend. Premium credits require the promotional channel to respond to you with an answer about promoting your track within 24 hours.

  3. Create Marketing Material

    One of the most important reasons we suggest a 2-3 week period before your release is to give you enough time to create CONTENT. If you’re behind on content creation, you gotta up this to the max in 2019. Especially as a music artist. We recommend creating the following content leading up to your release:

    • Instagram Story videos and pictures - Use these to show you audience snippets of your latest release.

    • Trailers for Social Media or YouTube - If you have a music video, create short trailers and snippets to get fans excited for your release. Encourage them to write “Fire” emojis if they want you to drop the video asap! 🔥🔥

    • Create “Lyric” quotes from verses of your songs. - Take lyrics from your song and put them over a picture of yourself. We suggest a free design platform to make quotes called “Canva”, see:

    • Gifs & Bommerangs - Gifs are great ways to make content engaging. Take some high quality boomerang pictures to post on your stories, Insta page and other socials!

  4. Promote After Your Release, Too.

    An artist who promotes only when he’s excited is an undisciplined artist. And guess what? Before you have a fan base big enough to do the majority of your promotion for you, you’re gonna have to put in the leg work to consistently drive a wider audience to your song.

    Once you’ve dropped your new release, don’t just stop there. Commit to submitting that song to blogs and promotional channels every weekend, all the way up until your next release! By doing so, you’re maximising your ability to be seen. Plus, you’re a thousand steps ahead of artists who promote their song only pre-release. Put in the work!


  1. Set A Release Date 2-3 Weeks Ahead Of Time

  2. Submit Your Music To Blogs

  3. Create Marketing Material

  4. Consistently Submit Your Music To Blogs After Release Until Your Next Release