Grow Your Artist Brand On Instagram

Without a doubt, Instagram is by far one of the greatest platforms any content creators can use to grow their audience base. Whether it’s viral song marketing, conversing with others or creating awesome content, in this article, we show you how to grow Your Artist Brand On Instagram.

1. Get Social

It’s called “Social Media” for a reason, right? Yet so many of us use Instagram as “ME MEDIA” only, which is where you shoot yourself in the foot. In order to build awareness of your song or brand, you have to get social, but what exactly does that mean?

  • Conversate with others: Go onto your favorite artist’s posts and engage with their fans! If you make music like them or just love their music, spark conversations with them! You have no idea how many people will check out another’s profile simply from them replying to a comment. Ask stuff like “What’s your favorite track from his new album?” – Or, for example, if someone comments “you’re such an inspiration” – Get involved! Reply with why you think he’s an inspiration or write about how he/she inspired you to fulfill your dreams as a growing artist.

  • Gary Vaynerchuk’s $1.80 Marketing strategy: Similiar to our first point, Gary’s $1.80 marketing strategy has shown to reap a lot of attention and has helped thousands of people organically grow their Instagram pages. Here’s how to do it:

    • Write down 9 hashtags related to the audience you want to target. For example, #Hiphop, #Rap, #Rapper #Rapping #Lyricalflow #Music, etc.

    • Once you’ve written down your 9 hashtags, search each one using Instagrams search bar, then comment on 10 posts from each hashtag you’ve select (top posts not recent).

    • Make sure your comments are genuine and connect with people. Not just “nice song” or “good rapping”. Sincerely consume the content and actually care about what you’re commenting.

    • Comment 10 times on each hashtag of yours (should 1-2 hours tops) each day and watch your audience expand.

2. Clean up your Instagram Profile

People will NOT want to consume any of your content if your page is messy, spammy or of low quality. That’s just the way it is. Here are some quick tips to ensure people stick around and follow you.

  • High-quality profile picture of yourself.

  • Post high-quality pictures of yourself on your page.

  • Don’t spam new releases all the time.

  • Clean up your bio – Remove tons of hashtags, area codes, etc. Clean and to the point.

  • Bio link: Make your “Website” link direct to a place where your fans can easily consume all your music quickly.

  • Use I.G stories to promote your music and give your fans access into your world (personal pics/events).

  • Post behind the scenes content – Die-hard fans LOVE to know more about your creative process. Give them sneak peeks to keep them excited.

We wrote an article here showing how the artist “Dutch Melrose” brands himself incredibly well on Instagram.

3. Consistency

Consistency, with any goal, is incredibly important to succeeding. Especially as an artist. If your goal is to grow your social media following, it’s going to take a lot of consistent daily activities in order to reap the rewards of your labor. Plus, every big star you know today had to sacrifice in order to reach the heights of success. Here’s how to become more consistent with your Social Media strategies.

  • Write down your daily goals. How many people will you engage with? 50? 100? 200?

  • Track your social media growth weekly (audience reach + follower growth).

  • Ask yourself, “when is the best time to do my social media engagement?” During the morning so you get it out the way? Or at night when you’re winding down for the evening?

4. Do Not Quit

What will separate you from the thousands of artists who get into this industry each day, is the ability to never give up. You need to understand that notoriety and success comes with months and years of hard, consistent work. Did you know: Sylvester Stallone’s script for the Rocky franchise was rejected over 1,000 times. Yes, 1,000+ times.

5. If You Ain’t Growing, Change.

Consistent action is great, however, if, over the period of say 3-6 months your audience or engagement hasn’t grown at all, you’re doing something wrong. One of the worst things you can hear is someone who says “I’ve always done it this way”. If you’re not changing and evolving, you will get cut real bad in an industry that moves like wildfire. Track your metrics often (each month at a bare minimum), and understand that if in the next year or so from now you haven’t grown, it may not just be because of the “Audience”, and maybe that your production quality, branding or engagement has not progressed. Always be studying other artists and learning how they structure and brand themselves in the music world. Keep optimizing your content, always!

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