4 Ways To Drive More Listeners To A New Release

After releasing a new song, one thing many artists become a little confused about is “what to do next?” - We kinda just expect the song to take off with the wind and magically bring in an audience somehow. In this article we’ll outline ways to drive listeners to your latest release in a few creative ways.

  1. Remixes Of Your Song - Collaborations.

    After the release of you song, a great way to drive more of an audience to it is by collaborating with up to four artists on remixes of your song. You can do this simply via Instagram, or by contacting friends of yours who are also artists. The great part here is that once they drop their remix of your song, both you and that artist gain more exposure. This is referred to as “Cross collaboration”. Now imagine that scale of promotion across four other artist’s! :)

  2. Acoustic Covers

    No matter the genre of music you create, fans love an acoustic cover. Artist’s like Shawn Mendes, Halsey and Khalid are just some of the many who actively release or perform acoustic covers to reach an even wider audience. Acoustic covers provide a more intimate experience for listeners. A new way to see the song if you like.

  3. Live Versions / Performances

    As with acoustic covers, live performance provide an intimate way for your die-hard fans to experience your art. What artists get from fans when performing live is emotional feedback as it happens, which in-turn, encourages them to capture the moment and share it far and wide. Live performances are also great ways to create content with fans that you can share later on social media to promote your music.

  4. Cover Your Song In A Different Language

    Covering your song in various languages could open up an even broader demographic for your music, meaning, people from different countries can be exposed to your music and become fans! ⁣⁣Another great spin to this is to collaborate with artists whose first language is different from yours, and have them re-write lyrics in their mother-tongue to help drive you and them more listeners.

As always, it’s important to step outside the box when it comes to marketing and promoting your music. In an industry where people are are fighting for eyeballs (constant attention), it’s up to artists and team to stand out in ways most don’t think about!


  • Have remixes of your song made with other artists

  • Create deep acoustic covers

  • Engage live with your audience at shows.

  • Cover your song in a different language!