How To Get YouTuber's To Use Your Music

YouTube is still by far one of the greatest ways to actively grow your audience. Not to mention, it’s also a FREE channel of promotion. But how exactly do you get a YouTuber to use your music in their videos? - In this article we break down exactly how to get YouTuber’s to use your music. Enjoy!

  1. Create Good Music

    From my time working with YouTuber’s, one thing was evident… Creators love good sounding music and will actively turn away music that doesn’t sound professional enough to be in their videos. By professional I mean a track that is well structured, perhaps lyrically or production wise, and also a track that is mixed and mastered well. No YouTuber wants great visual content, only for it to be ruined by bad audio. So before you get in contact with YouTuber’s, ensure your music is of a good standard and most importantly, expect and get used to rejection, it’s all part of the process.

  2. Create A Contact Plan

    If you’re an artist who has a passion for growing his or her audience, this part of the article will prove your drive to get your music out there. Planning. Benjamin Franklin put it best, saying, “Failing to plan is planning to fail” - You want to ensure you have a good idea of who you want to contact before actually getting in front of these influencers. Plan the following:

    • How many YouTuber’s will you contact per day? - Remember that email providers like Gmail will send bulk emails to a users spam folder, so always be changing your Subject lines from time-to-time, as well as the content of the emails you’re sending. Be as genuine as possible and try watching a video from each person you contact first.

    • I should contact YouTuber’s with how many subscribers? - Identify this as soon as possible. Generally speaking, really BIG creators won’t be able to check your email as they get hundreds of business enquiries per day. Instead, attempt to niche down and think of new emerging categories of creators with between 5k-50k. Micro-Influencers are becoming incredibly popular thanks to their genuine engagement rates, which is great for you. An engaged audience = They’re going to be focussing on the music used in the video. Don’t just go for BIG YouTuber’s. Experiment.

    • What Genre of creator will you contact? - Don’t contact an ASMR (relaxing sounds) channel if you make heavy metal music. Likewise, if you make Rap or Hip-Hop with explicit lyrics, don’t go contacting children’s channels. Be thoughtful of who you contact and try to analyse music they already use to see if your music would fit well.

  3. Reach Out - Contacting Them

    When contacting YouTuber’s, it’s important to understand that their time is valuable. Even small influencers would prefer an email that gets straight to the point. Here’s an example email you could use to send to YouTuber’s:

    Hey [Their Name],

    Just came across your GTA Race Video and loved it, how much is the Ferrari in the game?

    My name is [Add your Artist name here]. I make music and would love to give you commercial-use permission to use my song(s) in your YouTube videos.

    You can checkout my songs here: [Add link to your music here].

    All I ask is that you can credit me whenever you use my music! Have a great day.

    [Your name]
    [Your SoundCloud/Website Link]

  4. What Does “Commercial-Use Permission Mean?

    As in step three, you can see we mentioned “I would love to give you commercial-use permission to use my song(s) in your YouTube video”. Notice how we specifically said “In your videos”. Commercial-use permission would allow the artist to use your music and make money from his/her video. When giving commercial-use permission, also be sure to limit the amount of songs you allow the YouTuber to earn from. If you don’t mind, let them use all of your music commercially on YouTube, but if you’d rather give permission to a few songs first, see how it goes for you!

  5. Give Permission For Free! Yes, FREE!

    By giving YouTuber’s commercial-use permission, you will not get a dollar from them. YES. NO $$ FOR YOU. Why? Because you want the exposure long term. Did you know Logic grew from YouTuber’s using his music? Crazy right? so don’t worry about a little money short term, play the long game and build a fanbase over time, not overnight :)


  • Create good quality music.

  • Create a contact plan - How many subscribers should they have? What genre of videos should they make? How may to contact per day?

  • Reach out to them and be genuine.

  • Give them commercial-use permission to use your music ONLY on YouTube.