Avora Is Going Invite-Only

After growing rapidly in the last 4 months, Avora is now becoming an invitation-only platform. Meaning, in order to join the ranks of quality artists we work with, you either have to be recommended by them or invited by us directly. Our platform will become invite-only once we reach 250 clients.

How can I get an invite?

In order to gain access to our platform, you will have to complete a form on our homepage. click here to see it. If accepted based on the information you provide, we will create an account for you and email you with your login credentials within 24 hours. Alternatively, we will consider recommendations by existing artists on our platform.

Are there any requirements to get an invite?

Yes. We want to accept only a handful of artists and will take the invitation process very seriously. The following are what we will be looking out for in applications:

  • Well branded social media pages

  • No illegally sampled or used music

  • High quality music production (mixed/mastered well)

  • An active or high follower base (we will be able to check fake followers/engagement).

Why the change?

The change comes as we aim to scale in a way that puts artists first. And, as a rapidly scaling start-up, we want to provide a service that can bring as much value to handful of selected talent. Below are a few reasons for the change:

  • Provide a higher quality of service to artists on our platform

  • Far faster support turn around (our response time is about 4-hours)

  • Closer working relationships with artists - You won’t just be a “number”

  • Ability to increase distribution times and work flow

  • A more one-to-one approach to growth.

  • Limit copyrighted content - Many users were abusing our platform and attempting to distribute content not owned by them.

  • Focus on quality artists who are serious about growth.

  • Licensing opportunities - We’re working to partner with reputable firms who will be able to provide our clients with movie and commercial licensing opportunities.

Will we always be invite-only?

The approach to going invite-only is so that we spend more time on quality artists instead of artists who steal and distribute other people’s content. If, in the future, we are happy with our rate of growth, we may open up our platform once again to the public. As mentioned above, invite-only allows us to provide an unparalleled service to artists who don’t want to just feel like a number.

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