Spotify Launches In India

Spotify India

For some time now, Spotify had been looking forward to launching itself in the Indian Market. But on 26th February 2019, it was finally launched in the 2nd most populated country in the world with an estimated population of 1.3 Billion people. Of course, things weren't easy and they faced stiff opposition from Warner Music Group. India is considered as one of the music markets that are fast-growing in the world.

Spotify CEO, Daniel Ek said that the launching of the company in India is a 'custom built' experience. New subscribers will get to stream music in their languages ranging from Hindi, Tamil, Punjabi, and Telugu. As if this is not enough, they will be playing a song on demand for free,

Furthermore, the CEO of the company said that as Spotify grows, it is their main goal to bring artists as well as the community together from every background and country. He also added that India has a rich culture and to serve this large community, they are creating a custom experience. Equally, Indian artists will get a platform to showcase their talents and sell their music as well as bringing their music to fans in India. The truth of the matter is that they have been working for a long time to Spotify launch in India and it has now become a success.

The launching comes shortly after Spotify recently expanded across South East Asia and MENA, average Spotify markets to a record-breaking 79 markets with over 207m users. It also has 96m subscribers all over the world.

For pay as you go, the Spotify Premium in India costs 13 Indian Rupees which is about $(0.18) and a total of seven days which costs 39 Indian Rupees which is about (0.55)

For a monthly subscription, you will have to pay 129 Indian Rupees which is about $1.81). If you want a 3-month pay as you go package, then you will pay 389 Indian Rupees which is $5.47). A total of 6 months costs 719 Indian Rupees($10.10).

Other Exclusive features include:

-Playlists in Hindu: The Spotify team in India are updating the playlists so that it can play home-based music. Such Include Indiestan, Namaste love, Rap 91, Punjabi 101, and finally Bollywood Butter. They are also considering the top Hits in Telugu, Hindu, and Punjabi.

-There are also international playlists which include mint, Viva Latino!, and RapCaviar.

-A multi-Language Playlist recommendation-In India, many people speak several languages. As a result, the Spotify engine can, therefore, be turned into several languages including Hindu, Punjabi, Telugu as well as Tamil. Indian listeners can choose their favorite languages to listen to.

-Paying music on Demand-For the first time in Spotify history, music lovers can now play for free the music on demand.

Spotify in Music-Also, Spotify has decided to feature some of the best hits in movies from Tollywood, Bollywood, Punjabi actors, and also Kollywood. Spotify will include songs from India's best actors and movies.

-City Playlists. Here, you will be able to know the best jam,s from the city. The hottest songs from New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangaluru and also Chennai will be showcased.

''The fact that Spotify has reached India is a big achievement when it comes to our global strategy.'' Cecilia Qvist, the Head of Spotify's Global Head Market has this to say. She also added that their main aim is to stay connected as much as possible to the global culture as what they have achieved in India. They have also worked together with researchers, cultural task makers as well as engineers in ensuring that their product is admired by the people of India.

Despite their launch of Spotify in India, it wasn't as easy as it sounds. They had to go through a case where Spotify accused Warner of having ''abusive behavior'' after there was a lot of resistance from this publisher. Warner as a company wanted Spotify to pay for the use of its music globally. Spotify, on the other hand, doesn't. This issue appeared to be solved in the past because it is not the first time it was appearing.

Generally speaking, Spotify has taken over the Indian Market now. Though there were some challenges that came with this launching, it has proven to us that they are looking forward to expanding their roots even to other parts of the World.