Can i transfer my catalog to avora?

Absolutely. Although the process is quite simple, it can be easy to make mistakes, which is why we’ve created this helpful article to walk you through the process.

how long till my music is in stores?

Great question. As a rule of thumb, we always advise that you set a release date for at least 2 weeks ahead of time to ensure our team processes your music as soon as possible. Once you submit a song for distribution, our Quality Control (QC) team checks to ensure there are no copyrighted samples, as well as any other information digital stores require for your release. This takes 2-3 days on average. After your song has been processed, it will begin making its way to stores in around 5-6 days. Please keep this in mind when uploading.


when will I get paid?

Digital stores usually process payments on a three-month schedule, meaning, if you distributed your track in January, you should receive your first payment around April/May.


Is there a payment threshold?

Yes. We have a small $20 threshold in order to be paid. We also pay our artists via PayPal, although we will look for more alternatives down the line! :)