Why is avora invite-only?

In order for us to provide an extremely high level of service, we decided to become an invite-only platform focussing entirely on artists who take their career incredibly serious. By being an exclusive platform, we can focus our time and resources on helping develop talent and having a “one-to-one” approach to distribution.

HOw is avora free?

Avora works on a royalty share basis, meaning, we pay artists 80%-85% of their net royalties, and we collect 15-20%.

Are there any hidden charges?

None at all. Our platform is entirely free for unlimited single and album uploads.

How does avora compare to distrokid?

Avora is a free alternative to DistroKid! So to begin with, we’re free! We also do not charge users for YouTube Content I.D and Shazam. DistroKid charges $0.99/per single per year, and $4/per single, per year for these services. We made them free, because why not? :D

How long has Avora been around?

Avora launched in October 2018! We hit 100 users by January and plan to reaching upwards of 500+ users this year!

Can I Leave anytime?

Absolutely. You are never locked into an agreement with Avora, ever! You can leave us any time you wish and transfer your catalogue of music too if you wish! :) (nobody has done this yet, however!).