At the heart of our offerings, Avora is a distribution company first and foremost. We can deliver your music to popular digital platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL, YouTube Music, Instagram Music, and many more, for free.

exclusive beat licensing

As an exclusive Avora artist, you’ll gain free access to our production team that you’re able to use commercially to distribute on our platform.

PLaylist promotion

Avora has exclusive contracts with several Spotify playlists that allow us to pitch to them, with a 100% acceptance rate thus far. We only invite talent to our platform that we’re confident we can pitch well and help promote.

Avora works with various Instagram and YouTube influencers to help license and promote our artists music through our influencer licensing plan.*

Influencer licensing

Musicspace is a new initiative owned and operated by Avora. Musicspace allows artists to easily manage their catalog metadata including lyrics, song titles and cover arts, song ownership and publishing information, and much more through their Musicspace account. We’re launching Musicspace.io in mid September 2019 and will be providing Avora artists with exclusive access to new features and tools whenever we release them.

Music management