Welcome to the family

Important: Please select a release date of at-least 2-3 weeks in advance (future) for the following reasons:

  • To ensure our Quality Control team can check over your release to make sure it meets Digital store requirements.

  • So it gives us time to submit your music to playlist owners (see our welcome pack for info)

  • So you can prepare promotional/marketing material for your release.

A message from the CEO,

Thank you for being a part of our family of artists. As a musician, I deeply understand both the struggles and the joy production brings. From the late nights and countless projects created, to the buzz of happiness when a fan listens or shares your song. We aim to bring a personal experience to distribution. A place where you’re not a number, but a valued member of the Avora Family. Distribution isn’t just uploading and selling music, it’s connecting your vision to others around the world. It’s storytelling through frequencies.

So thank you for choosing us. :) - Please Download Our Welcome Pack Below.

  1. Every song must adhere to our Content Style Guide (click here)

  2. How to Upload To Our Platform? See Video Below

  3. faqs? See below

How to upload your music


self-serve support

No need to panic! Our knowledge-base has all the answers you’ll need! Simply visit: https://avorasupport.helpsite.com


We got your back. If you still require help with any of the above steps, simply reach out to us at: Support@avoranow.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

Help support our playlist

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Business Hours:

Monday - Friday: 10AM to 6PM GMT (UK).

We will do our best to respond on weekends, too.



Great question! Once your track has been uploaded to our platform, and you click “Distribute this release”, it goes through the following process: Our QC (Quality Control) team checks to see if your track meets digital stores requirements (usually takes 6-7 days). After our team has accepted your release, your song will make its way to major stores first within 2-6 days.

Please note: In some instances, your song may make it to stores later depending on many factors. Most commonly of which: You incorrectly added metadata wrong (titles, artwork, etc) - This can lengthen the Quality control process. Please keep this in mind.

When Do I Get Paid?

Payments are sent on the first week of each month via PayPal. We have a $20 threshold which must be met before we can pay you. You should also expect your first payment roughly 3-months after you successfully distribute your track with us.

I keep getting errors when uploading my song. why?

In order for us to successfully process your song, we need to ensure all of your meta-data is correct so that Digital Stores such as Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes, etc, don’t deny your song. So in other words, errors are great ways for us to make sure your song gets distributed correctly! Simply search the error you’re getting in our knowledge base: https://avorasupport.helpsite.com/

How do I check my sales?

Simple! To see your sales reports, go to Sales > Reports from your Dashboard. :)